The Fall and Rising of Many

Luke 2:34

Pastor Doug Helms

  1. When we hear about the person and work of Jesus, is it possible to be neutral or indifferent to Him? Why or why not?

  2. What happens to the person who rejects Christ? Is it possible for a sinner to think that he is neutral with regard to Jesus, but has actually rejected Him? Explain.

  3. Is unbelief in Christ a neutral thing? Is it possible to not believe in the Lord Jesus and not be in sin as a result of unbelief? Why or why not?

  4. What is the danger involved in not seeing unbelief as sin?

  5. Who are those who fell at the coming of Christ? What are some sinful attitudes towards Christ and the gospel that come to the surface when the gospel is preached?

  6. What is the heart attitude of the ones who are raised up as a result of the preaching of Christ?

  7. Is the falling of the proud and the raising up of the broken always immediately apparent? Why or why not?

  8. What is God saying to you through Simeon’s word to Mary?