Excuses Answered

Romans 10:18-21

Pastor Doug Helms

  1. What question is Paul answering in Romans 9, 10, and 11? What are the first three answers to that question?

  2. What are the two excuses given, in our text, to try to show the nation of Israel innocent of their disobedience to the gospel? Why are these not good excuses?

  3. Why were the Jews jealous of the Gentiles for receiving the message of Christ? What did their jealousy prove about themselves?

  4. What was offensive to the Jews about God going to the Gentiles with His message of salvation?

  5. Why do people today seem to understand the good news of the message of Christ and still oppose it?

  6. Is the preaching of the gospel enough to save sinners? What is God’s “secret weapon” against sinful unbelief?

  7. What three things do the out-stretched hands of God, in verse 21, each us? What is the natural response to the out-stretched hand in verse 21? Why?

  8. Is there any indication in your life that you love and appreciate God’s grace and kindness to you?