When We Meet





Bible Study 9:45 am
Worship 11:00 am




Fellowship Meal 6:00 pm
Bible Study & Prayer 7:00 pm


Small Groups

Small Groups

Contact your group leader for information on when your group meets next. If you don't know who your group leader is or would like to join a small group, please contact one of the pastors.

By the way...

In addition to the meeting times above, the Rock Creek Baptist Church family generally sees each other during the week at natural, unscheduled times: living life together, helping each other, ministering together. There is an organic unity of the church that naturally flows, as the Head, Jesus Christ, directs the members of His body. We are thankful to have our lives intertwined with those of other believers. Rather than trying to provide ‘Programs’ every night of the week, we give space in our schedule for family time, for home school activities, for the gregarious nature of God’s people to work its way out.

Where We Are

2009 Rock Creek Road, Crowley TX 76036